Energy and Environmental Management

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Energy and Environmental Management

Waterford Institute of Technology believes that protection of the environment is an integral part of management of its estate. The Institute seeks to make the most effective and efficient use of all resources, encouraging all members of the Institute community to develop an ecologically sound approach to contribute at local, regional, national & global levels to the sustainable use of natural resources.

Energy Policy

Environmental Policy for WIT

Anti-Litter Policy

WIT is legally obliged to manage the waste it generates every day in an appropriate and suitable manner.

It is the Institute’s policy to promote good environmental practices and to this end WIT has implemented a Waste Management Programme.

With the help of students and staff alike, we can:

REDUCE the volume of waste on campus

REUSE products where possible

RECYCLE using the facilities provided to separate waste at the source

Anti-Litter Campaign

ANTI-LITTER INITIATIVES are implemented at the start of the first semester. Students are encouraged to actively partake in the some of the Institute’s anti-litter initiatives.  More details are available from the Students’ Union.

AND FINALLY REMEMBER to keep YOUR Institute clean at ALL times –  dispose of cigarette butts, chewing gum, bottles, paper in a sensible and appropriate manner and use the recycling bins provided.


The WIT Energy Advisory Group (WEAG) has been launched and a partnership has been signed between WIT and Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEAI) and with their support will lead to a clear roadmap of actions to help WIT achieve targeted energy savings.  SEAI will systematically guide us to develop, execute and maintain energy improvements, while WIT commits to drive the programme forward with the help of staff and students.

Our first main engaging people event took place on Thursday March 26th with our Green Campus Day at the Cork Road campus.

WEAG is made up of a multi disciplinary team of WIT staff and students. Members include Tom O'Brien (Dept of Built Environment), Elaine Greenan (Estates office), Paul Quirke (Caital Projects), Aidan McGrath (IT manager), Jerry Horgan (TSSG), Colin Leahy (Electrical), Martin Walsh (Mechanical), Frank Heraughty (Educational Services), Mairead Bonnar (Diverse Campus Services), Tony Whelan (Estates). Student union president and Elaine Sheridan (Exeuctive board).

Our terms of reference are as follow;
1.Through campaigns of energy awareness, to create a platform for engagement with the staff and student community.
2.To foster a research driven agenda in the area of WIT energy demand and supply.
3.To assist, through energy related projects, in applying for funding to enhance knowledge and improve operating efficiency.
4.To review and provide assistance to take action on energy reduction iniatives in WIT.
5.To proactively reduce the dependence on fossil fuel based energy systems and promote the application of appropriate renewable energy systems.
6.To develop strong links with industry and Government in becoming a best practice exemplar of energy performance in a campus focused environment.

For further information or suggestions on all things energy please contact us at