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PR, news and stories

There are a myriad of good news stories happening within WIT all the time and we can assist you to get that story to a broader audience.

Our process

  • PR (incoming media queries and issuing of press releases) and content (stories, news, events on the website and social media) is one person's job

  • Sending your story in through the website will facilitates a quicker turnaround

  • Stories and press releases are progressed when appropriate, factual and interesting information as well as approved "quotes/comments" are gathered by the people with knowledge of the event/story and sent in using the form

  • Each item will be assessed for possible media value and ways to increase coverage and we will confirm a plan of action, request more information etc.

  • If the story is more pressing, we will deal with it immediately.

  • The process of putting together a good press release can take time and you should be available to answer questions, read and respond to draft releases, be available for photographs etc

  • Please remember that a lot of stories won’t get national coverage. Most stories are regional in focus, but we will send on to national press also

  • Good photography can sometimes be the difference between a journalist using the story or not

  • Finally, is important to understand that coverage is not guaranteed and can be affected by external factors outside our control

Word docHow to write a web news story

Word doc​How to compile a press release

Visit the writing style guide section

Dealing with journalists

How to promote an event

Writing tip: writing for the web

Writing tip: bullet points

Common questions

We've sent an all staff, why should we do anything else?

We can help get wider reach through social media, the website and the media.

I have a poster. Can you use that?

No, sorry posters are of no use for website events, news stories, press releases or social media. You need to type everything up into sentences and send that along with an image you have permission to use and doesn’t break copyright law.

We put everything on our own Facebook page, why don't you take information from there?

Did you know there are 150 social media accounts using WIT branding. If you're doing something worth communicating share it with a wider audience by sending the story to us to add to the website or send out to the media as a press release.

How can I get the length of text right?

We use to help us write precise headline or social media posts where every single letter matters.

Use the appropriate form below to send a story. Ensure you have full details before sending.

PR, stories and content

Elaine Larkin, Communications & PR Executive
Tel: 051 845577

Olive O'Connor, Marketing & Communications Manager
Tel: 051 306228