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Space Management

Waterford Institute of Technology assesses space utilisation and space needs regularly in order to objectively consider accommodation requirements and ensure that existing space is used to its full potential.

Apply for Office Space

The space requirements of the Institute are changing and the pressure on space has become intense.  Within the current buildings, the Institute is struggling to meet the space requirements of students and staff.  

  • New member of academic or administrative staff commences employment in a new post capacity.

  • New member of staff replacing a member of staff on maternity leave, sabbatical, extended period of leave etc.

  • Existing member of staff who would like to change their existing office space.

  • Request for research space.

  • New member of administrative staff commences employment in a new post capacity.


Application process

Please send the completed form to maintenance@wit.ie.

The Estates Office will record your details and we will be in contact with you shortly.
If no office space exists the application will be held on file until a vacancy arises.

 Space Allocation form


Book a Meeting Room

If you need to book meeting space (WIT Staff only) please follow the links below.  You can also check meeting room availability on http://wit.mrbs.tssg.org

 Contact list for booking a room