Student story submissions

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Student story submissions

The student experience and graduate success is at the heart of the WIT brand.

We can help share your achievement as a student of WIT:

  • on the news section of the website
  • as a student story on our website and in other marketing materials
  • through press releases to journalists

If you'd like us to start communicating your story, start filling out one of the forms below, or send an email to PR Executive Elaine Larkin at

Students who would like to help promote their course on the student stories section of the website and on the stories tab of the home page are invited to fill out a student story questionnaire.

We normally ask students to fill out the student achievement form when we are sending material to local newspapers and need a personalised quote and some details that journalists tend to ask for.

Are you, your classmates, your club or society involved in something that we could share as a news item on the website? Fill out the form below or send a draft article using the form below to get started. Want to see an upcoming event listed on the events section of the WIT website? Add the details using the submit an event form.


Are you a student who has come to study at WIT through our International Office? Would you like to share your experience of Ireland with prospective students all over the world?