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Sport Scholarship Testimonials

- Fionn McSwiney (Rugby) Gold Scholarship Student 2014/2015



I was lucky enough to be on the scholarship program during the four years of my undergrad, it was an extremely positive experience, and one that I would recommend to any athlete within WIT.

It’s fantastic having the support of Scholarship Office there when you need it, whether it’s organizing grinds, physio, doctor for you or even some - one to one sessions with a coach specific to your sport.


- Michael O Loughlin (Cycling) Gold Scholarship Student 2015/2016


The WIT scholarship programme provides all the ingredients needed to successfully balance studying and sporting performance as a student athlete in 3rd level education.

It is great to be acknowledged by WIT for your sporting achievements and it gives you extra motivation to improve in your chosen course and sport.


- Ciara Rossiter (Ladies Soccer) Bronze Scholarship Student 2014/2015


 My name is Ciara Rossiter and I am part of the sports scholarship programme in WIT. This programme helps me both academically and with my sporting career aswell. When it comes to  academics the scholarship programme provide brilliant facilities and tuition to all students on the programme.

 These grinds are given by top quality people who know all about their specific subject. In first year I struggled with a few subjects, all I had to do was go to the scholarship office and ask for  help with these subjects. Within a week of asking I had several dates set for grinds in these various subjects. I found these grinds so helpful as they got me through the college year with  less stress!

 As regards the sporting side the scholarship also helped me a lot. Because I play alot of soccer and also do a sports course in college there was a few times throughout the year where the  programme helped me manage my time better and become more organised. 

- Jake Dillon (Hurling) Gold Scholarship Student 2014/2015



The sports scholarship program benefited myself greatly as it helped me develop both academically and sporting wise over the five years.

Although its a sporting scholarship the mentors care just as much for your academic results.As a result I found the constant academic support through grinds around exam times to be hugely helpful in passing my exams over the five years.

Also the opportunity to make new friends across all the different clubs is something I'll always be grateful for as are the memories made from the Fitzgibbon cup which I'll never forget.  

- Gavin Young (Golf) Silver Scholarship Student 2015/2016


hjkThe scholarship programme in WIT has definitely helped me with my sporting abilities and also my academic studies.

Their help the last few years has been invaluable to me and I would definitely recommend the WIT Sport Scholarship programme to incoming students.

- Hayley Fitzsimons (Athletics) Bronze Scholarship Student 2015/2016


The WIT Sports scholarship has benefited me in many ways. While travelling it has allowed me to gain extra academic support when needed. It has allowed me the resource to access jm,kfunding when I've needed equipment for my sport.

I know that all the staff working with the sports scholarship programme are very approachable and are there when needed.

I also feel that the sports scholarships staff supports athletes regardless of their level of sports, gender or disability.

- Mairead Daly - (Ladies Football) Silver Scholarship Student 2015/2016


fdgThe Wit Scholarship Programme has benefited me enormously throughout my time in WIT. It ensured that I could excel as a student academically and in my given sport.

All the resources you need are there and the scholarship programme never hesitates to help you in any way. I would highly recommend it to any student coming to WIT.

- Tamara Furlong (Ladies Soccer) Bronze Scholarship Student 2015/2016


HJThe WIT Sport Scholarship is great in my opinion; it helped me find the right balance between progressing in sport and in college by offering me support on and off the field.

It's great to be rewarded for your sporting achievements and the WIT scholarship programme does a brilliant job at that!