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If you owe fees from 2015/16 it may affect your access to exam results and to registration for 2016/17. If you are completing, it will affect your graduation. See below for more information.

Continuing students:

 All fees and charges must be paid in full immediately in order to view your results and to be permitted to register for the next academic year.               

Graduate students:

You must pay off all fees and charges immediately in order to view your results and to receive information about the Graduation Ceremony.


Where a student continues to have an outstanding debt (e.g. student contribution, tuition fees etc.), their registration record will have an encumbrance place on it. The encumbrance is referred to as a 'hold' and will cause the following restrictions to apply:

1.     Examination results will be withheld.

2.     Access to transcripts, statements of result, registration letters etc. will be withheld.     

3.     Continuing students will not be permitted to register for subsequent academic sessions.

4.     Students will not be permitted to graduate until outstanding debt (including fines, where applicable) has

        been cleared in full.

5.     Students will not receive information about conferring, or be conferred, until their fees are paid in full.


The authority for the placing of a hold, with the stated consequences, on a student's record derives from the terms and conditions which apply to all students of the Institute of Technology.              

These terms and conditions are brought to the notice of students before they register to the Institute of Technology and are binding once registration is confirmed. The student cannot be considered a student of the Institute in the absence of such a confirmation.


Removal of an Encumbrance

Where a student seeks to clear the hold on their record they must pay:               

•     All outstanding debt

•    Payments may be made on-line at       


It is important that students maintain their accounts in good order and make payments when due. Billing reminders will normally be issued but it is the obligation of the student to ensure timely payment of fees. Students have live access to their accounts at all times.               

It is advisable to clear your account by the end of the academic year at the latest in order to avoid difficulties with continuance, graduation and access to results etc.

Please contact if you have a fee query.