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  • A career in Corporate Governance

    A career in Corporate Governance

    A career in Corporate Governance

    As you are nearing completion of your degree, you are no doubt looking to make the best career decision that you can. ICSA: The Governance Institute would like to tell you about the role of Company Secretary and how it could be one of the most important choices that you make.

    Often misunderstood, this role is intrinsic to an organisations’ success.  Should you pursue a career as a Chartered Secretary you will have exposure to the issues that are at the very core of business life in Ireland. It is a role that offers responsibility and quick progression into Boardrooms.  Chartered Secretary is a combined legal and accounting qualification and a career option open to all graduates. Graduates from certain disciplines can avail of exemptions.

    With the growth in importance of strong corporate governance especially since the financial crisis, the role of company secretary has grown exponentially and is much more than that of dealing with detail and administration.  The company secretary is the third member of the CEO, Chair and Company Secretary, triumvirate at the top of organisations.  It is the Company Secretary who aligns the interests of different parties around a boardroom, facilitate dialogue, gather and assimilate relevant information and enable effective decision making.  The skills and attributes of Company Secretaries are closest to those of the Chairman: humanity, humility, high intelligence, negotiation and resilience.


    The range of duties for a Company Secretary is broad and varies depending on the company but will include the following:

    • Take primary responsibility for developing the Company’s governance principles and policies.
    • Lead the Company’s compliance efforts with respect to legislative and regulatory development affecting corporate governance and monitor its compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
    • Review and monitor the corporate governance processes within the Company to ensure that they meet corporate governance best practices while being compatible with the Company’s background and culture.
    • Take primary responsibility for anticipating and addressing corporate governance/reputational risk.
    • Advising the Board of Directors on relevant areas of legal, compliance, risks, accounting and tax implications.
    • Perform ongoing assessment of the Board’s structure and governance practices and look for opportunities for improvement.
    • In cooperation with the Company’s Investor Relations Director, establish and manage relationships with investors, particularly institutional investors with regard to corporate governance issues.
    • Overseeing all stakeholder management including Share and Pension Schemes.


    Job Titles that Chartered Secretaries may come under include:

    • Head of Company Secretariat
    • Deputy/Assistant Company Secretary
    • Company Secretary/General Council
    • Head of Legal/Legal Advisor
    • Head of Finance
    • Director/Manager
    • Company Secretary Assistant/Trainee Company Secretary


    ICSA: The Governance Institute is the qualifying and membership body of professionals working in governance, compliance and risk including Company Secretary.  Full details on how to pursue this career are available on:

  • Changes to the J-1 Summer Work Travel Program

    Changes to the J-1 Summer Work Travel Program

    Since its launch in 1996, the J-1 Summer Work Travel (SWT) program has welcomed 150,000 of Ireland's best and brightest young people to the United States. Understandable, over the five decades, the J-1 programe has evolved and we wish to make you aware of an important change to the program in 2016 that will enhance an already life-changing experience for the thousand of Irish who participate. Specifically, the two largest independent U.S. J-1 sponsors, CIEE and InterExchange recently announced a new policy that will require all prospective J-1 SWT participants worldwide, including students from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other visa waiver countries, to have a pre-arranged job vetted and approved prior to travel to the U.S. in  2016. 

    These independent U.S. sponsors already have significant experience managing thousands of pre-placed J-1 participants worldwide. Pre-placement has been a requirement for participants from non-visa waiver countries since 2012. These individuals report a high degree of satisfaction with pre-arranged jobs, emphasising how pre-placement removes the stress, uncertainty, time, and cost associated with securing accommodation and employment on the ground in the U.S. Pre-placement also introduce students to diverse regions of the United States, expanding and deepening their cultural and professional experiences.

    The U.S. government is working actively with applicants, Irish government representatives, and independent U.S. and Irish implementing institutions to ensure Irish students continue to benefit from the J-1 SWT program. We encourage students to be proactive and begin the process early. Local Irish overseas partner agencies are advising students on these changes and the relevant independent U.S. sponsors offer a step-by-step guide to pre-placement and J-1 SWT application at At the U.S. Embassy, students, their families and other interested parties are welcome to reach out at and to visit their website at

  • Graduate Barometer Survey

    Graduate Barometer Survey

    Vote for Ireland’s 100 leading graduate employers – cash prizes up for grabs!

    Over 8,000 students from across Ireland took part in our 2014 trendence Graduate Barometer. Your views decide who makes the Ireland’s 100 top graduate employers. Complete our survey and have the chance to win hundreds of euro worth of prizes.

    The survey takes just 20 minutes to complete. To take part, please go to:

    Thank you for your participation and best of luck in the prize draw!

  • Moving2Canada

    Moving2Canada All the information you're ever going to need for careers in Canada

    Moving2Canada is the one stop source of information for anyone considering moving to Canada. Run by an Irish expat. See 'Getting Started' pdf doc.

    Having moved to Canada from Ireland in February 2008, I set up an information resource to assist Irish people planning to emigrate to Canada. The free information resource,, is designed to be a one-stop-shop to help students understand how to get a visa, select a location within Canada and improve their job skills in advance of their move. Our mission is to help newcomers be successful in Canada. Our information resources have been instrumental in helping thousands of Irish people emigrate successfully to Canada. You can read a little more about me and Moving2Canada in this Irish Times article. Our resources have been endorsed by the Irish Ambassador to Canada and the Irish Immigration Centre in Toronto. See Press Room for media coverage over the past four years.

    Canada is growing in popularity as a destination for Irish graduates. Canada offers strong employment opportunities and there are now large Irish communities in every major city across Canada. This year, over 10,000 2-year work permits were available to Irish citizens including 500 Co-Op visas for university students.

    We gets lots of queries from graduates that are nervous about emigrating so we have created lots of resources to help them develop the necessary jobs skills to be successful in Canada.

    Examples of free resources we’ve created to help students:

    While we operate a recruitment agency for construction and engineering, graduates need to be able to drive their own job search as with little relevant work experience they have very little value to recruitment agencies. We understand what employers are looking for and try to give graduates the best advice available so they can manage their own job search. I enjoy coaching graduates as they develop crucial life skills such as networking when they have no existing contact base in Canada.

  • Campus France launches a Facebook page!

    Campus France launches a Facebook page! Like to study in France for an Erasmus or a whole degree?

    Campus France is a French state agency to promote French higher education and institutions all around the world.

    Campus France launches a Facebook page to help and give information to students whom would like to study in France for an Erasmus or a whole degree. You can go on the Campus France Ireland Facebook Page here. This page is only dedicated to students in Ireland.

    Students can study in a Master degree in a university for 261€/year for any subject in any university because the French government pays for all students (even non-Europeans).

    Also, more than 900 courses are available in English in France. French is a real asset for a career; students can be employed in big companies seeking French speakers.

    Check out our website

  • IMPORTANT Information for Candidates Applying to the Professional Master of Education

    IMPORTANT Information for Candidates Applying to the Professional Master of Education Applying to the Professional Master of Education

    Important Information for Candidates Applying to the Professional Master of Education

    When applying for a place on the Professional Master of Education, the PME Applicant will be required to make a formal declaration of studies undertaken in at least one post-primary curricular subject area. He/she will be required to declare that they

    • Hold an Honours Bachelor Degree NFQ Level 8 (or equivalent) carrying at least 180 ECTS Credits.
    • Have studied the requisite number of ECTS credits in the subject(s) they wish to have recorded on the Register of Teachers e.g. 60/80/90 ECTS credits.
    • Have completed at least 10 ECTS credits at third year degree level or higher 
    • Have met all the specific detailed requirements of the Teaching Council in terms of mandatory areas of study

    In all cases (a) – (d) the PME Applicant will be required to identify the specific module/course code where requirements have been met.

    In the second semester of the first year, the Teaching Council will write to all PME student teachers on its database confirming

    • That they meet the requirements for named curricular subject(s) and will be eligible to register on successful completion of the PME.
    • That they meet the requirements for at least one curricular subject but do not meet the requirements for one or more subsequent subjects and will be eligible to register on successful completion of the PME.
    • That they do not meet the requirements for at least one curricular subject and will therefore not be eligible for registration when they complete the PME.


    In the case of 3,  the student teacher will be advised to notify their PME Provider who will determine if they can continue on the PME programme.

    For further information, please see

  • Prospects Careers Fairs Listing Available

    Prospects Careers Fairs Listing Available Careers Fairs UK Link

    Careers fair listings on

    The new careers fairs page can be viewed at the following link: 

  • Postgrad UK - exclusively for international students

    Postgrad UK - exclusively for international students Digital Magazine

    Postgrad UK - exclusively for international students    

    Thinking of studying in the UK?   

    Everything you need to know about applications and fundingvisas and life in the UK is in this essential guide.  

    Plus, subject guides in:

    Arts and Humanities

    Business and Management

    Social Sciences

    Science, Technology and Engineering     

    The digital magazine is also fully interactive and clickable, so you can access further details about the areas that interest you straight away.

  • The Guardian UK 300 has landed!

    The Guardian UK 300 has landed! 300 most popular UK employers AND the most popular employers within the major graduate career sectors are ranked.

    The Guardian UK 300 has landed!

    The new edition of The Guardian UK 300 offers insights into social mobility and diversity in graduate recruitment for the first time, setting out the findings of the trendence barometer survey which reflects the career preferences of around 30,000 UK students. The Guardian UK 300 also explores gender differences and compares the favoured employers of students in their first, penultimate and final years.

    You’ll find the latest list of the 300 most popular graduate employers online at along with rankings for the most popular career areas.

  • LGBT Recruitment Guide

    LGBT Recruitment Guide Kick-Start your Career, join a company that is proud to be lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusive.

    We are delighted to launch the second annual Diversity Champions LGBT Recruitment Guide 2014/15 highlighting inclusive workplaces, career opportunities and tips for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender graduates, students and jobseekers this October at the gradireland Fair.

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students are often faced with a dilemma when they leave college about whether they will be accepted in the workplace. Many choose not to be ‘out’ in the workplace due to a concern that their career and relationships with colleagues may be negatively impacted. This can be a difficult time for graduates starting work. GLEN’s Diversity Champions network of employers is changing this. Diversity Champions companies are publically committed to ensuring their workplace culture and practices are LGBT inclusive.

    Kick-Start your Career, join a company that is proud to be lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusive.

    Check out the LGBT Recruitment Guide 2014/2015 at