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As part of SLL’s mission promoting academic success the Institute has a Retention Officer whose role it is to assist students who are struggling on their programme, who for one reason or another may not be able to continue with their studies, or who want to change programme, among many other issues.

Aishling O'Toole, our Retention Officer provides support and advice to WIT students facing a wide range of personal and/or academic issues. Aishling sees students whose personal circumstances are intersecting with their academic life in challenging ways. She tries to pay attention to the whole student (e.g. personal, social, academic) in providing support and in thinking about the best places to make helpful referrals. In addition to meeting with students, Aishling advocates on their behalf and frequently collaborates with other offices throughout the Institute.

She brings with her a deep respect for the process of growth and learning that comes with facing the things that challenge us. Aishling provides personal and academic support, advice, and assistance with referrals to the general student community of WIT.

Aishling O'Toole

Aishling O'Toole Retntion Officer

Aishling O'Toole is the WIT Retention Officer. She has held the role for five years and has been a member of the Student Life & Learning team for eight years. A graduate of WIT, Aishling had been a Sabbatical Officer in WIT Students' Union for two years prior to joining SLL. She studied Hosiptiality Management in WIT and is currently completing an MA in Education part-time at the Institute.

Tel: 051 845662

Please organise an appointment if you would like to discuss any of the following:

  • Deregistration - this is when you decide to leave your programme

  • Deferrals - this is when you take some time out from your studies for a semester or year and may occur for many reasons, personal, academic, financial and so on

  • Transferring Courses - if you are unhappy on your programme there may be an opportunity to transfer at the beginning of the academic year

Appointment hours

The Retention Office ordinarily sees students on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Outside of these times alternative arrangements can be made or please feel free to e-mail your query to the address below and Aishling will come back to you as quickly as possible.


Student Life and Learning (SLL), Main Reception, Administration building, Main Campus

Appointments can be made:

Retention Officer

Aishling O'Toole
Tel: 051 845662