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Retention FAQ

I have to repeat exams, what do I do?
In the first instance you should register for your repeat exam, to sit it at the next available sitting.

You can check this via

In the first instance you should highlight the difficulties that you are experiencing to the Fees Office by e-mailing

There are a number of different supports open to you, have you applied for a grant? If so have you been in contact with SUSI regarding the status of your application and when you are likely to receive to assistance.

Have you applied for the Student Assistance Fund (this is a small fund operated by Student Life and Learning to help students who find themselves is severe financial difficulty but does not cover any college fees), please e-mail with any queries you may have.

In order to officially de-register from the Institute there is a De-registration form which you need to complete which is available from Reception or on-line.

This officially notifies the Institute that you have left your programme. Following on from this you will receive a letter notifying you that you are de-registered. There may be fee implications associated with de-registering.