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Student Parents’ Network


WIT Student Parents’ Network

 WIT Student Parents’ Network is a Waterford Institute of Technology network for:

  • Prospective student parents

  • Incoming student parents

  • Current student parents.

If you are considering WIT, have accepted a place at WIT or are a current WIT student and wish to make contact with other student parents for any of the following:

  • Academic and social links

  • Useful information

  • Shared resources

Get-togethers for prospective, incoming and current student parents are advertised on WIT notice boards or are arranged on request.

‘For me the most positive aspect has been the reaction of my 6 year old, who told me he was very proud of me for trying so hard on my essays and that it was a lot of writing: whilst he might have to do a five word sentence for his exercise he was amazed that I could write 1,500. We now work on 'Khan Academy' together which is an unexpected bonus.

To get the right time management is daunting at first but like having children 24/7 itself, once you're doing it awhile it comes like second nature, keep on top of the work and don't procrastinate, for me it worked to treat it like a job so I try to be here 9-5 Monday to Friday, and do nothing at home unless the kids are in bed and I feel up to it. The only thing holding us back is confidence and that comes with time served.’

First year BA degree student and father

Being a full time student-parent is the hardest thing I've done so far, yet the most rewarding! I opted for Wednesday nights at home doing senior infants maths homework instead of going to Project (the nightclub) and I'm glad of it when I see my classmates on Thursday morning nursing sore heads!

Although I am missed at home now, I know in 3/4 years I will be able to offer my daughter more than I could have ever managed without a degree! I would encourage any parent who thinks they would not manage to give it a try!’

First year BSc computing degree student and mother

‘There is a very positive outlook on the jobs front for us and I am currently doing a 4th year project for [multinational software company], so going back has given me lots of possibilities.
There is a lot of work to be put in but it is still possible to make time for family, once you keep on top of the CA work, being mature actually helps you to manage this!

I was worried about coming back as a mature student/parent and wondering if I would be able to pick it up and if I would have the time to do so. Going back to college can be daunting at first, but once you work hard at it, you will be quickly up to speed (I came back with no Leaving Cert and a poor Junior Cert).’

Final year BSc computing degree student and father

‘Being a parent gives you the drive to do better. Balancing a life of studying and parenting is tough but it's all worthwhile knowing you will be able to provide for them. Knowing in advance that you are going to be studying Mon-Fri 9-5 gives you the opportunity to have childcare organised so you know they will be looked after.’

Final year BSc computing degree student and father

‘I think it's important to stress the benefit of example as a parent in higher level education. It is my hope that this year inspires my son to value his own education, prioritise it as he grows older and continue to learn in a structured way after completing his primary and secondary schooling. Where possible, I include him in my learning, either by sharing something I've learnt with him or getting his opinion on an idea I've had or a poster etc. that I have created.

His buy-in is important to me as it alleviates the occasional feelings of guilt us parents can have to deal with at times when we are not fully available to our children. It also helps to make him feel important to me and part of my academic life.

From a practical perspective, I have found the college to be supportive of my situation. Deadlines are explained well ahead of time so that there are no nasty surprises! Lecturers have, on the whole, been accommodating of my situation as a single parent of a young child.

There have been a couple of occasions where my son has been ill and I know I am not going to make a deadline. Communication ahead of time has led to a renegotiation of the cut-off point, without unnecessary pressure put on me. There is no getting away from the fact that the year is a difficult and stressful time, trying to balance a host of responsibilities. However, the benefits do outweigh the stresses.’

Master's degree student and mother

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