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Advanced EntryFAQs Advanced Entry

FAQs Advanced Entry

Frequently Asked Questions


1. When does the Advanced Entry Application form open?
The online application system will week commencing 20th February for the 2017 intake.  Go to the advanced entry section .


2. Can I apply before I have my end of year results?
You can apply from mid-February. Once you receive your end of year results you can post in a certified copy to Graduate Admissions. You can also scan in the documents and e-mail them to advancedentry@wit.ie. It is extremely important that you include your Application Reference Number on all documentation submitted and in addition on the subject line of any email correspondences. 


3.Do I have to attend for interview?
Ordinarily only those applicants who apply for the following programmes must attend for interview: Architecture, Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture.


4. Will I need a Portfolio?
Ordinarily only those applicants who apply for the following programmes may be requested to present a portfolio: Architecture and Art and Design.


5. When will I hear if I have been successful?
1. EXTERNAL applicants with all required documentation submitted on or before the end of June will be issued with an offer from the end of June onwards.   The offer will be issued via email.
2. INTERNAL applications will be notified via their student e-mail address, ordinarily within 10 working days after receiving their examination results.
Please be aware that some courses require a Merit or better to gain entry to the follow-on-course, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the entry requirements of the programme you are applying for.


6. What happens if I have a repeat examination to complete in August?
No decision will be made on your application until you have successfully completed your examinations. The issue of an offer will be dependent on meeting the entry requirements and the number of available places on the programme.
INTERNAL applicants may attend class while awaiting their examination results however if unsuccessful, must leave class immediately.
EXTERNAL applicants must wait until an offer has been issued by the Institute and accepted by the applicant. An offer can only be issued subsequent to the applicant submitting their results from their current HEI.