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Accommodation & Books

Where you live will play a big part of your college life and it's important to get it right. There are many different types of accommodation from digs right through to sharing a house with friends. For a broad list of accommodation options and some hints and tips on finding the right accommodation for you, talk to our Students' Union Welfare Officer or visit the WIT Students' Union website.

WIT Student Accommodation


WIT Campus Services offers students student accommodation in College Fields on the Main Campus and Manor Village located between the Main Campus and the College Street Campus. For more information on campus accommodation, visit the Campus Services website.

Your lecturers will provide you with a book list once you start college so there is no need to purchase these in advance.

There are a number of ways to access books:

  • WIT Library - all course books are available for loan from the WIT library.  For more information, visit the WIT Library website.

  • Bookpoint - all course books are available for purchase at Bookpoint located in Centra @ the Well on the Main Campus. For more information, visit the WIT Campus Services website.

  • Second hand books - in some courses you may be able to purchase second-hand books.  Check the WIT Students' Union website for more information.