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President’s Scholarships

Applications for the 2017/2018 President's Scholarship are no longer being accepted

Exciting scholarship worth €3,000 per year

2016 President's Scholars

WIT's President's scholarship scheme encourages and rewards inspiring young people who show a capacity to shape a better society.

At WIT, we believe that there are many different types of people who make our world a better place – it’s not always about who has achieved the highest marks. We recognise that people excel in life and contribute to society in many different ways. Some are creative, some are innovators, others are great leaders and more make significant contributions to community.

We want to give our support to five individuals who already demonstrate the ability to make Irish society a better place, and allow them to further their potential.

In our search for this year’s President’s Scholars, we welcome applications from prospective students who are inspiring in their actions and behaviours.

The programme will see five exceptional students being awarded scholarships with a total value of up to €12,000. There will be one scholarship available in each of the five disciplines:

  • Business

  • Engineering

  • Health Sciences

  • Humanities

  • Science & Computing

Each President’s Scholar will receive a bursary of €2,000 per year of study (to be paid in instalments) along with €500 per semester on each student’s WITCard (college smart card). As a President’s Scholar you will have advanced entry to your selected programme (Round Zero in early August) and you will also be part of the Student Ambassador programme for the duration of your studies, representing the Institute and the academic school in which you study.

School Of Business
Code Name Duration
WD048 Bachelor of Business (Hons) 4 years
WD084 BA (Hons) in Accounting 3 years
WD160 BA (Hons) in Finance and Investment 3 years
WD193 BA (Hons) in Marketing & Digital Media 4 years
WD134 BA (Hons) in International Business 4 years
WD159 Bachelor of Business 3 years
WD184 BSc in Retail Management 3 years
WD003 Higher Certificate in Business 2 years
School Of Engineering
Code Name Duration
WD086 BEng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering 4 years
WD010 Higher Certificate in Engineering in Electronic Engineering 2 years
WD085 BEng (Hons) in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 4 years
WD011 Higher Certificate in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering 2 years
WD182 BEng in Electrical Engineering 3 years
WD144 Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) 5 years
WD195 BSc (Hons) in Architectural & Building Information Modelling Technology 4 years
WD094 BSc in Architectural Technology 3 years
WD025 BSc (Hons) in Construction Management & Engineering 4 years
WD162 BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying 4 years
WD139 BEng in Civil Engineering 3 years
WD171 BEng (Hons) in Sustainable Energy Engineering 4 years
WD040 Higher Certificate in Engineering in Building Services Engineering 2 years
School Of Health Sciences
Code Name Duration
WD116 BSc (Hons) in General Nursing 4 years
WD117 BSc (Hons) in Psychiatric Nursing 4 years
WD120 BSc (Hons) in Intellectual Disability Nursing 4 years
WD188 BSc in Applied Health Care 3 years
WD124 BA (Hons) in Health Promotion 4 years
WD019 Bachelor of Business in Recreation & Sport Management 3 years
WD125 BA (Hons) in Exercise & Health Studies 4 years
WD186 BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching & Performance 4 years
School Of Humanities
Code Name Duration
WD200 Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 3 years
WD163 BA (Hons) in Psychology 3 years
WD187 BA (Hons) Social Science 3 years
WD192 BA (Hons) in Social Care Practice 4 years
WD149 BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies 3 years
WD018 BA in Applied Social Studies in Social Care 3 years
WD140 LLB Bachelor of Laws 3 years
WD150 BA (Hons) in Criminal Justice Studies 3 years
WD013 Higher Certificate in Arts Legal Studies 2 years
WD091 BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management 4 years
WD173 Higher Certificate in Arts in Hospitality Studies 2 years
WD148 BA (Hons) in Tourism Marketing 3 years
WD174 Higher Certificate in Business in Tourism 2 years
WD194 Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Culinary Arts 4 years
WD172 Higher Certificate in Arts in Culinary Arts 2 years
WD152 BA (Hons) in Visual Art 4 years
WD137 BA (Hons) in Design (Visual Communications) 4 years
WD027 BA (Hons) in Music 4 years
School Of Science and Computing
Code Name Duration
WD177 BSc in Science (Common Entry) 3 years
WD164 BSc in Food Science with Business 3 years
WD176 BSc in Applied Biology 3 years
WD175 BSc in Pharmaceutical Science 3 years
WD147 BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Science 4 years
WD180 BSc (Hons) in Physics for Modern Technology 4 years
WD191 BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Science 4 years
WD126 BSc in Agriculture 3 years
WD076 BSc in Forestry 3 years
WD096 BSc in Horticulture (Kildalton College) 3 years
WD097 BSc in Horticulture (National Botanic Gardens) 3 years
WD028 BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing 4 years
WD197 BSc (Hons) in the Internet of Things 4 years
WD161 BSc (Hons) in Computer Forensics and Security 4 years
WD168 BSc (Hons) in Entertainment Systems 4 years
WD151 BSc in Software Systems Development 3 years
WD155 BSc in Information Technology 3 years
WD153 BSc in Multimedia Applications Development 3 years

Criteria for assessing applications

Our President’s scholars will be individuals of outstanding ability who have demonstrated his/her leadership through any of the following areas:

  • Creating new ideas in science and technology (e.g. young scientist), business (i.e. young entrepreneurs programme) or social innovation (i.e. Gaisce awards)

  • Making a difference in a community, academic, social or cultural activity

  • Showing an extraordinary capacity for academic or scholastic achievement

  • Showing extraordinary service in support of social change (i.e. volunteering on social project)

  • Providing inspiration or being a role model for peers

Applicant eligibility

To be eligible for the award the applicant should be:

  • Domiciled in Ireland


A number of terms and conditions apply:

  • Each individual can submit only one application

  • Scholarship applicants can only apply for a programme on the list of eligible programmes (listed on the second tab)

  • To be eligible for a President’s Scholarship, applicants must have listed the programme as one of their choices on their CAO application

  • The successful applicant will be offered a place in Round Zero and accept that place via normal CAO channels

  • Should the successful applicant be eligible to be offered a place in Round Zero under any other WIT scheme, the applicant will be offered the highest preference listed course

  • The successful applicant may be required to meet minimum course entry requirements

  • The successful applicant, after accepting their offer via the CAO, will only receive the Scholarship on the basis of accepting and registering on the programme they were offered under the Scholarship programme

  • The successful applicant must register as per the instructions issued by the Institute’s Admissions Office in August of year of entry

  • The successful applicant will not be entitled to use the WIT First Year Transfer process. To do so will nullify the Scholarship

  • If a scholarship holder withdraws from the course for which they have registered or does not continue throughout the year to meet the attendance and other requirements for the course, including examination entry, they may be required to repay scholarship funds they have already received

The application process has four stages.

Stage 1:

Apply for your chosen WIT course through the CAO before the scholarship deadline of Friday, 7 April 2017 (5.15pm).

Please note the following scenarios which may impact your application:

  • If you have already applied to the CAO but have not listed your chosen WIT programme as one of your choices, you can apply for the scholarship by 7 April and you can use the CAO's Online Change of Mind facility to amend programme choices between 5 May (12.00 noon) and 8 May  to add that programme. Scholarship applicants who do not list a WIT programme on their CAO list by 8 May, will not be eligible for the scholarship. 

  • If you have not applied to the CAO, the late application facility is now open until 1 May 2017. Note that Scholarship applicants who do not list a WIT programme eligible under the scholarship on their CAO list by 8 May (5.15pm), will not be eligible for the scholarship.

Stage 2

Complete the President’s Scholarship online application form, including:

  • Contact details

  • Chosen discipline area and programme of study. To be awarded a scholarship, you must list the programme as one of your choices on your CAO application (see Stage 1 above)

  • Summary statement: A 300 word submission stating why you meet the criteria to be a President's Scholar

  • Academic performance to date: A record of your most recent academic performance (e.g. Leaving Certificate, Junior Certificate, end of term exam results)

  • Support documentation: This is not a pre-requisite but you can upload additional documentation to support your submission. This could be a project, a poster, video, webpage, essay, presentation, an app, a website etc. You can upload or link to this information through our online application form 

Stage 1 application deadline: Friday, 7 April 2017 at 5.15pm.

Stage 3

Following WIT's assessment process, shortlisted candidates will be invited to proceed to Stage 3 of the Scholarship programme.

Stage 3 will take place in WIT and will involve shortlisted candidates presenting their case to an expert panel.

Shortlisted candidates will be advised of the date and location of the Stage 3 assessment directly but it's expected to be the week commencing 24th April 2017.

Stage 4

The five successful candidates will be issued their offer via CAO in Round Zero in early August, they will also be notified directly by WIT. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by WIT at the same time.

Who do I contact with questions?
Ms Mary Hartley, President's Office on or Tel: 051 302015.

What if the minimum entry level grades/points are not achieved, will the student be eligible for the Scholarship?
Yes in the case of individuals completing their Leaving Certificate this year as the scholarship will be awarded in Round Zero, before Leaving Certificate results are issued.

If an applicant is offered their first CAO choice programme for WIT, will they not have the option of receiving offers from other higher educational institutions?
If they receive an offer of a scholarship from WIT and it is their first choice on the CAO, they can't receive a higher offer from another institution. If they receive an offer of a scholarship from WIT which is not their first choice on the CAO, they can receive an offer from another institution in Round 1 or subsequent rounds. If they accept that offer, they will lose the WIT scholarship.

Do applicants receive their offer in advance of Leaving Certificate results?
Yes, they will recieve their offer in Round Zero.

Is the Scholarship aligned to one WIT programme?
No. Please see the list of eligible programmes on the second tab of this webpage.

Are all programmes eligible for the scholarship?
All CAO programmes are eligible. Please see the list on the second tab of this webpage.

Is the Scholarship open to non-Leaving Certificate applicants?
The scholarhip is only open to students who have completed their Leaving Certificate, although it's not necessary to have completed it this year. Please see the section on Criteria.

What support documentation is required for initial application?
The only required documentation is past academic performance. Additional documentation can be added if you wish. This could be anythng you feel will aid your application.

What is required for Stage 3 assessment?
Each candidate will be invited to the Institute for interview by leading academics in their chosen discipline area.

When will the Scholarship holder receive the bursary?
€2,000 bursary will be paid over two instalments per year of the registered programme and €500 will be loaded on to the scholars WITCard each semester.