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Welcome to our world!

Studying at college can be a huge change from secondary school and it can take a little while to fully adjust. For the year prior to starting college, the focus is on exams, getting the required results and choosing the right course for you. 

When you get to college, it can feel like a relief and you can let your hair down, or it can feel very daunting, with lots of new people to meet, different schedules than your school friends, and lots of clubs and societies to join. At WIT we encourage you to get the balance right between study and recreation while you are part of "our world".

Once you become part of WIT we know you will find the space to reach for your dreams.  We have taken the time to create a caring and supportive learning environment to help you build the future you want.  Take a look below at our "world of possibilities" video to give you a flavour of student life at WIT.

WIT - A World of Possibilities

Take a look around WIT

At WIT we encourage students to get involved in college life as much as possible.  Take a look below at some more videos about college life and courses at WIT.

You should also have a look through our Current Students section to get a sense of life at the Institute, get information about our Clubs and Societies, the Students' Union or other groups or activities at WIT.  Registration, Induction and Freshers Week all happen quite quickly once you start college and all will help you adjust to your new way of life.

It's worth remembering that WIT is semesterised which means that there are important exams at Christmas and before the summer and usually lots of assignments in between. You will need to keep on top of your study at the same time as experiencing all that college life has to offer. Luckily, WIT has many supports if you are feeling the strain and we would encourage you to avail of them. For more information, see our Student Life & Learning section who are a great bunch of people and will give you all the advice you need.