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Research in Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Organisational Networks

We are Ireland’s leading applied Service Innovation Centre, located in the School of Business at Waterford Institute of Technology.  Since our inception, our passion has been assisting companies in becoming more innovative in their approach to doing business, and applying our be-spoke research models and methodologies to formulate new strategies and innovative solutions to business issues.

Our innovative methodologies are rooted in extensive field research, partnerships and collaborations with our international network of service innovation centres and innovation research professionals. Through its activities, the Centre links its university-based researchers and its business developers with the business sector and organisations, as well as local and national government authorities.

RIKON has significant experience working with firms of all sizes and from numerous industry sectors including Retail, IT, Tourism, Financial, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Service Providers and many more. Our proven proprietary services have been developed based on our research and our direct experience from developing practical solutions for our clients. Our expertise ensures that we direct efforts towards real solutions that have a tangible positive impact on your business performance. 

In addition to our work with the private sector, RIKON is heavily involved in academia and government policy. Core researchers in the Centre have published in a wide variety of books, refereed journals and leading international conferences. They have also designed award winning educational programmes for businesses focused on service innovation and business development. Additionally, RIKON works with government authorities providing insight and direction to policy makers on the innovation agenda and our ongoing interactions with leading Service Innovation Centres across Europe ensures that we have our finger on the pulse.

This is what makes RIKON unique.

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