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Sustainable Marine Research

The Sustainable Marine Research Group conducts research on marine resources, with the main aim to increase the value and sustainability of these resources. 

Research areas include:

  • The use of seaweeds for monitoring and reducing metal contamination
  • Bioactive mining from marine sources, such as seaweeds, marine bacteria, bycatch and other marine wastes
  • Exploring applications of marine bioactives e.g. use of marine-derived antimicrobials in wound dressings, medical device disinfectants, as biopesticides for forestry application etc
  • Use of marine bacteria as probiotics
  • Targeted extraction of high value added compounds from fisheries and marine waste material, with potential applications in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The research group collaborates with University Hospital Waterford, Teagasc Moorepark, BIM and the seafood processing sector. We welcome anyone seeking expertise or collaboration to work with areas above.

Contact person:

Dr. Helen Hughes 

Gardiner, Gillian

School of Science & Computing, Dept of Science

Research Interest

Novel antimicrobials from marine and other sources


Shiau Pin Tan, Graece

School of Science & Computing, Dept of Science

Research Interest

Isolation & identification of bioactives from seaweeds for high-value added products

Hughes, Helen

School of Science & Computing, Dept of Science

McLoughlin, Peter

Research, Innovation & Graduate Studies

Kinsella, Mike

School of Science & Computing, Dept of Science


Name Email Status

Caroline Botha


Postgraduate student

Shiau Pin Tan


Postdoctoral researcher

Annabel Higgins


Postgraduate student

Emma O'Keeffe


Postgraduate student


More to follow