For PostgradsScience without Borders PG

Science without Borders PG

Science without BordersScience without Borders - Ciência sem Fronteiras 

Opportunities at WIT for students from Brazil

Science without Borders is a large scale scholarship program primarily funded by the Brazilian federal government. The program seeks to strengthen and expand the initiatives of science and technology, innovation and competitiveness through international mobility of undergraduate and graduate students and researchers.

The program is a joint effort of the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) through their respective funding agencies - CAPES and CNPq.

The Institutes of Technology will provide opportunities at both undergraduate and postgraduate level under the scheme. Undergraduate students from Brazil can come to Ireland for up to one year of study at Institutes of Technology. Students in the program will return to Brazil to complete their degrees. For further information on undergraduate opportunities please contact the International Office.

Opportunities are also available at both PhD and Postdoctora level and all are linked to our specialist Research Centres.  Please see below for details of our postgraduate opportunities.

Information and Communication Technologies

SWBPG02 Framework and associated techniques to facilitate the concept of Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS)

SWBPG03 Fundamentals of Molecular networks

SWBPG04 Investigate and develop algorithms and tools for real-time and statistical monitoring of IPTV delivery networks

SWBPG05 Investigation of  techniques for intra-domain federation of enterprise services enabled with policies

SWBPG06 Investigation of the application of bio-inspired adaptive systems to the management of wireless networks

SWBPG07 Investigation of the notion of biologically inspired dynamic software services

SWBPG09 Network multi-homing, mobility and management in a Recursive InterNetwork Architecture

SWBPG10 Novel resource management system for applications and services in the cloud data centers


SWBPG11 Recombinant enzymes towards the production of pharmaceutical intermediates using biotransformations

SWBPG27 Biocatalysis - Screening and optimization of novel enzymes towards the production of pharmaceutical intermediates

Engineering and other Technological Areas

SWBPG01 A beam steering computer for a novel continuous phase smart antenna
SWBPG15 Wireless broadband dielectric analysis of materials exposed to moisture

SWBPG16 Dielectric Thermoplastic Elastomers for Wave Energy Harvesting and Infrastructural Applications

Health and Biomedical Sciences

SWBPG13 The development of new wound dressings impregnated with antimicrobially active seaweed extracts

SWBPG17 Supercritical Fluid Assisted Polymer Processing for Enhancement of Medical Polymers

SWBPG18 Drug Eluting Cryo-Foam for Chronic Wound Healing Applications

SWBPG19 Supercritical Fluid Assisted Encapsulation of Active Ingredients into Polymeric Matrices

SWBPG20 Development of biodegradable and biocompatible nanoparticles for ocular drug delivery

SWBPG22 Giga-porous bio-selective polymer materials for targeted enrichment of biomolecules from complex biological systems

SWBPG24 An analysis of student engagement in sport and physical activity-the SASSI study

SWBPG25 Examining inter-individual variability in the metabolic responses to acute exercise, targeting adverse responders will alternative exercise strategies

SWBPG28 Microbial source tracking using real-time PCR in shellfish

SWBPG29 Development of delivery systems for functional ingredients in foods

Pure and Natural Sciences

SWBPG26 Extraction and Identification of Antioxidants from Waste Streams

Renewable Energy

SWBPG14 Wave energy resource prediction over the short and medium term

Sustainable Agricultural Production

SWBPG21 Microbial Ecology Investigation of plant growth and associated soil microbial stimulation by next-generation digestate fertilisers

SWBPG23 Development of liquid chromatographic methods for evaluation of the efficacy and environmental impact of milking machine cleaning protocols

Please note that Science without Borders Postgraduate Opportunities are only available to Brazilian students.  For further information please contact the International Office or email the project supervisor.

If you are interested in pursuing a ‘sandwich’ doctoral, full doctoral, or post-doctoral research programme please complete the following Expression of Interest and submit together with your curriculum vitae to the International Office.