For ResearchersManaging your Project

Managing your Project

Congratulations! You have secured funding for your research project.  In this section, you will find advice on how to manage your project, links to WIT Policies and Procedures along with all the forms you will need  to get your project up and running.

All Finance policies, forms and notes are available on the Q Drive: Q:\Public\Finance

All Procurement policies and forms are also available on the Q drive: Q:\Public\Procurement

Overview of Managing Your Research Finances: a presentation given by Susan Green, Project Accountant on 18 February 2015.

Procurement policy: supplies and services

  • Quotations (all thresholds are inclusive of VAT):

    • Up to €500: One written quote
    • €500 to €1,000: Two written quotes
    • €1,000 to €5,000: Three written quotes
    • €5,000 to €10,000: Four written quotes
    • €10,000 to €25,000: Six written quotes and completion of Quotation Examination Form
    • €25,000: Tender required.
  • Competitive quotes should be sought in the case of materials, equipment and services (including consultants and contractors).
  • Refer to WIT’s preferred suppliers list on the Q drive under Procurement. These suppliers have succeeded in the tendering process and have secured a contract with WIT. Random suppliers cannot be chosen, e.g. Codex is the preferred stationery supplier and DELL is the preferred PC/laptop supplier.

Agresso purchasing system

  • To find out about access to Agresso please contact the Research Support Unit (Rita Dalton).
  • Training on Agresso is provided by the Finance Department (Liz Lawless)
  • Five key steps in the Agresso process:
    1. Complete Purchase Requisition Form, ensure to obtain sign-off from the Project Budget Holder
    2. Order raised on Agresso with all relevant quotes attached - system will generate a purchase order (PO) number
    3. Lodge original Purchase Requisition Form with relevant approver
    4. Send original invoice to Finance Department
    5. Goods receive item on Agresso once received.

Bank Transfer Payment (Cheques no longer used in WIT)

  • Used for payment to companies that occur on a once-off basis.
  • Bank requisition forms must be accompanied by a receipt/invoice.
  • Claimant must complete the bank requisition form which must be signed by the Project Budget Holder.
  • Send signed requisition form to Accounts Payable in the Finance Department.

Petty cash

  • Petty cash is used for any miscellaneous purchase where the total value is less than €150.
  • To obtain petty cash, complete a petty cash voucher, obtain signature of the Project Budget Holder (Supervisor in the case of funded research scholarship projects) and send to Finance along with a receipt for goods purchased. Call to Finance Office to collect reimbursement.
  • Petty cash is available from Karen Keane in the Finance Office during the following times:
    • Mon-Thurs: 10.00am to 12.30pm & 2.00pm to 4.30pm.
    • Fri: 2.00-4.30pm.

Core ESS travel

  • The approver for pre-approving travel (before travel) & re-approving travel (after travel) is the supervisor (in the case of funded research scholars) / project budget holder.
  • If claiming receipted items, copies of all receipts must be given to the approver, accompanied by the trip print-out.
  • Travel payments are processed by Payroll every second Wednesday.
  • Travel is paid on a fortnightly basis by bank transfer.
  • All Core ESS travel queries should be directed to Payroll Department (Maedhbh Brosnan / Sandra Coffey).
  • Training on Core ESS is provided by the Payroll Department.

Setting up your project

Account Set-Up Form

New Supplier Setup Form

New Customer Setup Form

Invoice Request Form

Recruiting Research Staff

 Form to Advertise a Post

 Job Description

HR Commencement Form Research Staff

HR Amendment Form Research Staff

 Sample Timesheet

Recruiting Research Students

This section outlines the procedure for the recruitment of research postgraduates who are funded through internal (e.g. WIT PhD Scholarship Scheme) or external (e.g. European Commission, Industry, Institutes of Technology Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland) funding programmes. This information is also available to download in PDF format. The following are the steps involved in each stage of the process. A high-level overview guide is also available here to help understand the process.


  • Complete the Research Postgraduate Scholarship Information Sheet, giving details of the funded research scholarship position to be advertised.
  • Allow at least two weeks for the closing date for applications. Please liaise with Research Postgraduate Admissions, Office of the Registrar (Avril Kelly) before finalising the closing date.
  • Email Research Postgraduate Scholarship Information Sheet to Rita Dalton in the Research Support Unit (RSU). Rita will:
    • Post on the WIT website and other locations as requested [ /, Euraxess, NatureJobs (if science-related)].
    • Liaise with Aisling O'Neill in the RSU, who will promote on social media, in conjunction with Marketing Office.
    • Send links to the adverts to supervisors so that they can promote through their own networks.
    • Notify Research Postgraduate Admissions (Avril Kelly) that the scholarship has been advertised.
  • Queries:
    • Research Postgraduate Admissions / RSU will deal with any queries relating to the admissions process and direct any project-specific queries received to the supervisor.


  • As completed applications (e-mail only) are received, Research Postgraduate Admissions will log them on the system. Applications will be lodged on OneDrive and the named supervisor will be notified once the deadline for receipt of applications has passed and submissions have been processed.
  • All applications are acknowledged by Research Postgraduate Admissions via email in due course, with applicants advised that they will be contacted in due course.
  • The supervisor conducts the initial eligibility checks and verifies the qualified applicants.
  • Supervisors shortlist candidates for interview; this may be done in conjunction with the Head of Department. There is no minimum/maximum number of candidates that should be interviewed. The names of applicants who are not short-listed should be entered on the ‘Not Shortlisted Candidate Form’; this form should then be signed by the relevant Head of Department and returned to Research Postgraduate Admissions (Avril Kelly) so that decline letters can be issued.
  • In the event that no applications are received by the closing date, or applicants do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria, then the position should be re-advertised. Please contact Rita Dalton in the RSU to organise.


  • It is the designated supervisor’s responsibility to contact applicants to arrange interviews – this should be done as soon as is practical.
  • Interview panel: 
    • Interview panels must be approved by the Head of Department.  
    • Ideally there should be three people on the panel but a minimum of two is required: generally the supervisor, Head of Department or their representative and co-supervisor or other specialist in the area being interviewed for. A representative from the RSU may be requested (please contact Susie Cullinane to organise).
    • Try and ensure gender balance.
    • It is not necessary to have an external person present.
    • Cognisance must be taken of the Institute’s equal opportunity policy.
  • Interview location: 
    • Supervisor must arrange a suitable room in which to hold interviews, usually within their Department.
    • Check candidates have no special access requirements.
    • Ensure room layout is appropriate to conduct interview.
    • Ensure water is available for candidates and interview panel members.
    • Candidates may be interviewed via Skype. Please contact Educational Services to arrange.
  • Scoring:
    • Score sheet template available to download.
    • Candidates scored against weighted criteria. It is the responsibility of the panel to decide this weighting before the interviews take place.
    • Panel members must score candidates after their interviews, record this on the score sheet and sign it. Please note that candidates are entitled to request their score sheet under Freedom of Information.
    • The score sheet must then be signed by the Head of Department and the original sent by the Head of Department to Research Postgraduate Admissions (Avril Kelly)–along with completed 'Not Shortlisted Candidate Form', if this has not already been forwarded–so that candidates can be notified of the outcome of the interviews.
  • In the event that all interviewed candidates are unsuitable for the position (i.e. do not meet the threshold criteria), then the position should be re-advertised through Rita Dalton in the RSU.


  • Once the required documentation is received from the Head of Department, the Assistant Registrar then reviews the successful candidate’s application and authorises Research Postgraduate Admissions to issue a Letter of Offer.
  • Research Postgraduate Office issues a Letter of Offer to the successful candidate and ‘unsuccessful’ letters to all other candidates, via post. Candidates are asked to accept the offer within two weeks (or earlier, if specified by the supervisor).
  • Research Postgraduate Office notifies the Supervisor and the RSU (Rita Dalton) when the candidate accepts the position so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Scholar set-up

The RSU (Rita Dalton) deals with:

  • HR Commencement Form for Research Postgraduates (download form).
  • Scholarship exemption declaration form (download form).
  • Postgraduate Research Agreements (prepared by the RSU).
  • Amendments to student scholarships, e.g. P code, end date, stipend (download Postgraduate Amendment Form).
  • Letters of support in relation to visa applications, Personal Public Service (PPS) number applications, etc.

Research Postgraduate Admissions, Office of the Registrar (Avril Kelly) deals with registration:

  • Once the successful student accepts the offer (by returning a completed acceptance slip, via post), Research Postgraduate Admissions then sends them a registration email. This contains a student number and password which will enable them to register online. They are also advised to contact the Postgraduate Support Unit (Angela Power) with regard to induction training and other issues.
  • Once the student receives their student number they can present themselves at the WIT Card Office to be issued with a student WIT card.
  • If the student requires access to laboratory doors or buildings, they should complete a room access request form. This should be signed by the relevant parties and then presented at the WIT Card Office so that the student’s WIT card can be updated.
  • The student number will also enable the student to present themselves to Computer Services to be provided with a student email account and access to the WIT network.

The Postgraduate Support Unit (Angela Power) deals with: