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Who’s in a Project

You know the people in your project, right? But what do the European Commission call them? And what are they all supposed to be doing?

The quick summary below should help explain. full glossary of all terms related to EU research.


  • Project/consortium leader; coordinated the proposal and the main contact between the project and the European Commission
  • Has overall responsibility for tasks in project and reports regularly to EC on finances and progression of work, in line with Grant Agreement (GA) and Description of Work (DoW)


  • Organisations (companies, universities, etc.) who work on the project and who have signed up to the Grant Agreement
  • Each beneficiary has consortium and individual responsibilities
  • Beneficiaries must have capacity to do their assigned work in project
  • Responsible for managing own performance and finances - including declaring receipts
  • Responsible for the performance of any subcontractors attached to them

Project Officer

  • EC's representative
  • Appointed by the EC to assist with and monitor projects (incl. interim reporting and processing of finances)