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Mentoring Programme

The School of Business Mentoring Programme

Introduced in September 2011, the School of Business Mentoring Programme facilitates the mentoring of current School of Business students by past graduates of the School.  Now in its sixth year, the Mentoring Programme allows students to learn from the professional experiences of a mentor, gaining first hand insights into graduate careers and professional life.

The Mentoring Programme is designed to ease students’ transition from college life to employment, by bringing them together with professionals from industry. Through individual mentor guidance, the programme aims to support and encourage students to manage their own career development, maximise their potential and develop skills to improve their employment prospects.

The programme is hugely important in enhancing students’ learning experience and has helped better prepare them for an increasingly tough labour market.  Mentors provide students with invaluable guidance, encouragement and motivation during their educational development.  Mentors are WIT alumni, typically working in senior positions in industry who voluntarily lend their expertise, knowledge and guidance to their mentees.  The Mentoring Programme offers these mentors a unique opportunity to re-engage with WIT and work with the School of Business in particular. 

In the current academic year, there are 19 mentors actively engaging in the Mentoring Programme, with each mentor volunteering to mentor a final year student on a one-to-one basis throughout the year.  The mentors work in diverse industries such as advertising, digital marketing, retailing, IT, journalism, HR and the B2B sector. 

Students meet their mentors for face-to-face meetings or use technology to enable the engagement process between mentors and mentees.  The mentoring programme is offered to final year students on the Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons.) programme (Marketing stream and the HRM stream) and also to final year students on the BA (Hons.) in Marketing with Advertising and Online Media.  All 19 students who are participating in the programme in the 2016/2017 academic year, engage in this initiative outside of their existing academic workload.

Students initially attended a number of information sessions at which they learned about mentoring in general and the importance of engaging professionally with their allocated mentors.  All mentees then signed a formal mentoring agreement whereby they committed to an agreed number of meetings with their mentor over both semesters of their final year.  A detailed mentoring handbook has also been produced and distributed to all mentors and mentees, outlining the requirements of the programme.

Pictured are some of the students who participated in the WIT School of Business Mentoring Programme in 2015/2016 with some of their mentors and WIT academic staff.

mentoring programme

According to Niamh Casey, final year Marketing student on the Bachelor of Business (Hons.) Programme, “I personally took part in the mentoring programme firstly as something extra for my CV. I was panicking at the start of final year that I didn't have enough on it so anything extra I could put on it I was going to do.

I definitely gained so much more than just a certificate. I was able to hear about how a graduate from BBS progressed in their career on leaving WIT and the potential opportunities that I could face when I finished. You hear advice and guidance about real life situations as opposed to just preparation for exam. It's the real life advice that I will actually carry with me, and which I wouldn't have received if it wasn't for this programme.

It kept me focused towards what's next throughout the year which to be honest if it wasn't for having meetings talking about post grad opportunities, I probably would have forgotten about. The mentoring programme opens your mind to new opportunities awaiting you post graduation and I couldn't recommend it more to anyone entering final year that needs a bit of focus or direction.”

For further details, contact WIT School of Business Programme Manager Marie O’ Dwyer, Lecturer in Marketing, School of Business, WIT at 051-845624 or

The School of Business Mentoring Programme 2016/2017

Mentor Details

john murphy

Name: John Murphy

Position: Account Executive

Company: Dell

monica lambe

Name: Monica Lambe

Position: Former Global Product Manager

Company: ABB Ltd.

grace o dwyer

Name: Grace O’ Dwyer

Position: Head of Marketing

Company: Arvum Group

rob o keeffe

Name: Rob O’ Keeffe

Position: Marketing Manager

Company: Glanbia Agribusiness

kerrie sweeney

Name: Kerrie Sweeney

Position: Account Director

Company: Guns or Knives

aoife hearne

Name: Aoife Hearne

Position: Account Manager

Company: Javelin

sinead slattery

Name: Sinead Slattery

Position: Business GTM and Communications

Company: Three Ireland

niamh owens

Name: Niamh Owens

Position: Projects Manager

Company: Nutrasight Consultancy Ltd.

zara flynn

Name: Zara Flynn

Position: Managing Director

Company: Guns or Knives

jimi mc grath

Name: Jimi McGrath

Position: Business Director

Company: Rothco

declan whooley

Name: Declan Whooley

Position: Multi-Media Sports Journalist

Company: RTE

conor dunne

Name: Conor Dunne

Position: Account Director

Company: Eyefall

michelle whelan

Name: Michelle Whelan

Position: Marketing Manager

Company: LBS Partners

sarah bolger

Name: Sarah Bolger

Position: Global Online Marketing Executive

Company: Morgan McKinely

aine connellan

Name: Aine Connellan

Position: Group Marketing Manager

Company: Morgan McKinley

colm halpin

Name: Colm Halpin

Position: Account Manager

Company: DDFH&B

gretta fitzpatric

Name: Gretta Fitzpatrick

Position: PPC Account Manager

Company: Net Booster

luke abbott

Name: Luke Abbott

Position: Account Director

Company: The Red Brick Road

helen barry

Name: Helen Barry

Position: Former HR Director

Company: Lake Region Medical

The School of Business Mentoring Programme 2016/2017

Mentee Details

adam hannon

Name: Adam Hannon

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

adam walsh

Name: Adam Walsh

Course: BBS (Hons.) with French, Marketing Stream

alan fitzgerald

Name: Alan Fitzgerald

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

brid barron

Name: Brid Barron

Course: BBS (Hons.) with French, Marketing Stream

carol dunphy

Name: Carol Dunphy

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

jessica burford

Name: Jessica Burford

Course: BBS (Hons.) with French, Marketing Stream

kielyn jacob

Name: Kielyn Jacob

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

leon elliott

Name: Leon Elliott

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

melissa wynne

Name: Melissa Wynne

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

ryan cunningham

Name: Ryan Cunningham

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

sam o neill

Name: Sam O’ Neill

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

sarah walsh

Name: Sarah Walsh

Course: BBS (Hons.) with French, Marketing Stream

zoe o neill

Name: Zoe O’ Neill

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

laura dee

Name: Laura Dee

Course: BA (Hons.) in Marketing with Advertising and Online Media

hannah hewetson

Name: Hannah Hewetson

Course: BA (Hons.) in Marketing with Advertising and Online Media

orla hayes

Name: Orla Hayes

Course: BA (Hons.) in Marketing with Advertising and Online Media

nicholas cannell

Name: Nicholas Cannell

Course: BBS (Hons.) Marketing Stream

grace buckley

Name: Grace Buckley

Course: BBS (Hons.) HR Stream

sinead dineed

Name: Sinead Dineed

Course: BBS (Hons.) with German, Marketing Stream