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LDC Research

The LDC actively pursues research funding through a coordinated Centre led and supported approach. The Centre has contributed to a range of national and EU research projects, addressing adult literacy teaching methodologies, curriculum development, policy and professional development.

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The centre’s research interests include creative teaching methodologies for adult literacy, family literacy, ICT in literacy, national and EU policy and literacy as a social practice.

Eur-Alpha is a European network of practitioners, learners, trainers, researchers, policymakers. It was founded in 2009 and currently counts 16 partners coming from 12 different countries.

Eur-Alpha aims to support and develop best quality practice in literacy and numeracy in Europe.


Further information is available on the  Eur-Alpha website

Eur-Alpha is granted by the European Commission in the European programme Grundtvig “Lifelong Learning”, project № 50523-2009-LLP-BE-GRUNDTVIG-GNW.

Scoteens logoStanding Conference on Teacher Education, North and South (SCoTENS) brings together 38 colleges of education, university education departments, teaching councils, curriculum councils, education trade unions and education centres on the island of Ireland with a responsibility for and interest in teacher education.

It has been involved in supporting a wide range of research, conference and exchange projects since it was founded in 2003.  Over 50 research projects have been seed-funded during that time, including on:

Special Educational Needs, continuing professional development, English as an Additional Language, the inclusion of newcomer and ethnic minority children, citizenship education, educational research ,ICT and digital video in education, young children’s identities, social justice education, developing reflective skills, art and science education, physical education, autism, archiving education documents, religious education, Irish medium education, maths education, literacy and peer mentoring.

SCoTENS also sponsors the North/South Student Teacher Exchange project, now in its sixth year, which brings student teachers from Dublin and Limerick to do a key part of their assessed teaching practice in Belfast schools, and Belfast student teachers to do the same in Dublin and Limerick.

The LDC has collaborated with Queens University, Belfast on a SCoTENSs funded project that explored creative and innovative teaching methodologies. Including the use of digital narratives in adult literacy teaching and learning environments.

Scotens 2011/12 Final Report
 Exploring and developing spaces among adult education practitioners for online and arts-based reflection

Additional information can be found on the SCOTENS website

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Literacy and equality in Irish Society (LEIS) was a cross border project. Concerned with literacy and equality issues for communities in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland.

It was a joint project between the UCD’s Equality Studies Centre, and the Institute of Lifelong Learning, Queen’s University Belfast. National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA), Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and  Educational Guidance Service for Adults (EGSA) are also partners in the project.

The main aim of the project was to develop text-free materials to assist adult literacy tutors explore equality issues with their students.

All partners had a role in distributing and adapting the research outcomes for further literacy work.

Additional information can be found on the LEIS website