health_sciencesPostgraduate Student Research

Postgraduate Student Research

Postgraduate Research Students in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science



Project title

Mikey Kiely

SarahJane Cullen

Physiological Demands of Racing

Arthur Dunne

SarahJane Cullen & Michael Harrison

Bone Health in Jockeys

Lewis King

SarahJane Cullen & Ciara Losty

Mental Health in Jockeys

Aneta Kuczynska

Barry Lambe & Niamh Murphy

Evaluation of Beat the Street Project

Michael Kavanagh

Barry Lambe & Niamh Murphy

Workplace travel planning

Aisling Keohane

Paula Carroll & Michael Harrison 

Men on the Move: A qualitative investigation into the broader impacts of a 12-week community based activity programme.

Patricia Sheehan

Michael Harrison, Suzanne Denieffe & Niamh Murphy

An exercise intervention for cancer fatigue

Caolite Malone

Michael Harrison

Smart Steps -  Evaluation of an exercise rehabilitation programme for individuals with peripheral arterial disease

Sheena Carroll

Patrick Delaney & Lynne Brennan

The use of Social Media as a Communication and Marketing Tool in Irish Sporting Organisations: An Examination of Strategy, Opportunities and Challenges in Accomplishing Organisational Objectives.

Katie Flynn

Patrick Delaney, Mary Cowman & Jean McArdle

An investigation into the customer care, customer relations and customer retention strategies within fitness and leisure facilities.

Fionn McSwiney

Lorna Doyle

Low carbohydrate-ketogenic diet in endurance athletes ; health and performance effects

Amy McGuire

Lorna Doyle

Energy balance in endurance athletes; health implications of deficiency

David Callaghan

Niamh Murphy

An evaluation of the GAA Healthy Club Project

Seamus Nugent

Niamh Murphy & Mary Cowman

Enabling quality, sustainable physical activity change in older adults – a study of barriers, facilitators and interventions

Rebecca Power

Prof John Nolan & Prof Stephen Beatty

The impact of nutritional supplementation on cognitive function: the Cognitive impAiRmEnt Study (CARES)

Marina Green

Prof John Nolan & Dr Rachel Moran

The impact of formulation and omegas on macular carotenoids bioavailability: The Carotenoid OmegA STudy (COAST)

Karen Mullins

Mike Hanlon & Patrick Carton

Femoroacetabular Impingement: Injury etiology and performance outcomes following arthroscopic surgery

Mark Flynn

Mike Hanlon & Richie Bolger

Effects of strength training on endurance performance

William Culleton

Jean McArdle & Laura Finnegan

The migratory journey of elite Irish adolescent footballers

Eoin Molloy

Maria Murphy-Griffin

Fasted Fat adapted Training

Sandra Gillick Nevin

Maria Murphy-Griffin & Michael Hanlon

Fit for the job? the development of a standardised occupational  physical and tactical fitness assessment protocol for members of An Garda Siochana in specific units