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Postgraduate Student Research

Postgraduate Research Students in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science


Project title


Stephen Barrett The influence of an anti-inflammatory diet on breath biomarkers of exercise-induced oxidative stress and inflammation Lorna Doyle, Aubrey Storey, Wayne Cummins (Department of Science) and Orla O’Donovan (Department of Science)
Rebekah Brennan IDUHED: An Ethno Pharmacological Study of the Injecting Use of Human Enhancement Drugs Professor John Wells and Dr Marie Claire van Hout

Alex Donohue

An Evaluation of the GAA Healthy Club initiative

Aoife Lane and Niamh Murphy


Andrew Connick

A Comparative Analysis of the Psychological Performance Profile of European vs African Elite Male Distance Runners

Gerry Fitzpatrick

Anne Roynayne

An evaluation of Environmental Interventions to Increase population Physical Activity

Niamh Murphy

Barry Lambe

Community Interventions to Promote Active Transport Behaviour

Niamh Murphy, Adrian Bauman (University of Sydney)

Debroah Foley

An Examination of Social Media Policy and Practice by National Governing Bodies and Local Sports Partnerships in Ireland

Patrick Delaney and Lynne Brennan

Des Ryan

Normative Values of Functional Competence, Speed and Lower Body Power for Youth Rugby Players at Different Stages of Development Age


Gerry Fitzpatrick

Fawsi Ali

A National Database of Thyroid Cancer in Ireland

Graham Roberts (University Hospital Waterford) and Michael Harrison

Fionn McSwiney

Comparison of the effects of a ketogenic diet on endurance performance versus a high carbohydrate diet

Lorna Doyle

Gerry Byrne

Gastrointestinal distress during exercise and the effects of dietary manipulations

Lorna Doyle

Evan Mathews

Exercise for Mental Health: The Role of Health Professionals

Suzanne Denieffe (Department of Nursing) and Mary Cowman

Jessica Statham

Experiential Learning for Emotional Intelligence Education [ELEIE]:  An investigation of a Trainer of Trainers [TOT] cascade model of training in Ireland


Paula Carroll and Mairead Barry

Karen Mullins

Femoroacetabular Impingement:  Functional Performance Changes Following Arthroscopic Surgery


Mike Hanlon and Patrick Carton (Whitfield Clinic)

Louis O’Carroll

Comparative effects of prolonged continuous and high intensity interval exercise on circulating angiogenic cells and microRNA

Michael Harrison and Rebecca O’Mahony (Department of Science)

Margie Kadango

Sports and Physical Activity for Ethnic Minority Groups in Ireland – An Evaluation of Participation and Programme Provision

Niamh Murphy and Aoife Lane

Niamh Spratt-O’Shea

Validation and Measurement of Activity Levels in Second Level Students using Self Report and Accelerometry.

Niamh Murphy and Aoife Lane

Paul Smith

Effectiveness of Functional Movement Screening in predicting injury rates amongst soccer players.

Mike Hanlon

Peter Jones

Cycling Skills Training and Cycling for Active Transport

Elaine Mullan

Rebecca Power

Characterising the Sedentary Behaviour and Physical Activity patterns of Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease

Aoife Lane, Michael Harrison and Simon Cross (University Hospital Waterford)

Patricia Jackman

An exploration of the conditions influencing the occurrence of flow in Irish professional horse racing jockeys

Gerry Fitzpatrick and Aoife Lane

Patricia Sheehan

A semi-supervised exercise intervention to reduce cancer-related fatigue

Michael Harrison and Suzanne Denieffe (Department of Nursing)

Seamus Nugent

Enabling sustainable Physical Activity change in Older Adults – A Study of Barriers, Facilitators and Interventions

Mary Cowman and Niamh Murphy