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Applied Arts

Welcome to the Department of Applied Arts

It has a complement of 35 lecturers and provides honours degree programmes to 1,300 undergraduate students. Areas of expertise included Legal Studies, Criminology, Sociology, Psychology, Social Policy, Social Research, Social Care Practice, Early Childhood Studies.

The Department maintains close professional links with a wide range of external national partners including various government departments. It has several links with partner universities in North America and Europe.The research focus has been developed across the social and legal studies fields and coordinated through the Centre for Social and Family Research at the College Street Campus,WIT.

The Department has recently established a number of research clusters with postgraduate scholarships and nationally commissioned research projects including

  • The Centre for the Study of Men's lives and Masculinities;

  • The Child Centred Research Centre;

  • The Centre for the Study of Race,

  • Ethnicity and Migration; Religious Studies and Theology Research Centre;

  • Criminology and Family Law Research Centre.