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Department of Science

Welcome to the Department of Science

The Department of Science has as its mission the provision of undergraduate programmes and postgraduate research activities in the area of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Forestry, Agicultural Science, agriculture, Hortculture and Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology. It has developed all of these discipline areas to Bachelor of Science level and has Bachelor of Sciences Honours level programmes in Applied Chemistry and Applied Biology.

The development and running of these programmes has been done in close conjunction with its external partners, which, includes TEAGASC, COILLTE, and the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological sectors of industry both regionally and nationally.

It has developed specific research activities and specialisations which are grouped as follows:

Estuarine, Macular Pigment, Metals, Molecular Biology, Polymer Modified Sensing, Separation Science, Surface and Interfacial Chemistry, Forest Vegetation and Alternative Systems Management.